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Im changing the narrative


It is one thing to have speakers every year. It is another thing to have topics every single year come up but have the same speaker talk about them in a very different way. Where then I feel like our players have a relationship with that person. They will open up more to that person when they are speaking to them. Rachel has done that. She has reached to the hearts of all our players.

PJ Fleck

Head Football Coach for University of Minnesota

Rachel has had a major impact on our program. The bond that I have with her, and many of our players have with her, is one that will last a lifetime. She makes real, genuine connections with the players and inspires them to talk about some of the hard things going on in their lives. She makes sure they know that they have a voice in how they feel. We love having Rachel as part of our football family.

Mike Locksley

Head Football Coach for University of Maryland



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